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What to do? - Costa de Prata


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Portugal, the new trend in holiday destinations

Winner of the World Travel Awards for 3 consecutive years, from 2017 to 2019, as the world's leading destination and also in many other categories, Portugal is continuously and unquestionably proclaiming itself in the sphere of world tourism and it has much to offer to those who choose to visit. From its rich history and culture, the delectable food and wine, the fabulous beaches and diversity of beautiful landscapes to the friendliness and warmth of the Portuguese people, you will find many reasons to be delighted with this small but amazing country.

Portugal is one of the most ancient countries of the world, with a history of more than 800 years. Over the centuries many traditions were conceived and preserved until present day, making it so great in its cultural and historical richness and one of the most unique, picturesque and welcoming destinations of the world.


The Silver Coast - What To Do

Portugal is best known for its beautiful capital Lisbon, the captivating city of Porto and the lovely area of the Algarve, however it has still much more to offer. The not so well known area of the Silver Coast is as beautiful and interesting as the common Portuguese destinations and has been gaining ground in the preference of travellers all over the world.

As specialists in accommodation in this marvellous area of the Silver Coast, we have specially created this page to help our guests plan their stay and make the most of their time here. And because you are a Rental Retreats guest, this means you benefit of a special treatment in the Silver Coast. Rental Retreats have partnered up with various businesses in the area and a number of them are offering special discounts to our customers.

Click here for more information about our VIP card and its benefits that will certainly help you make the most of your stay:

Rental Retreats VIP Card & Information 

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Dining Out

The next best thing after a day exploring the riches of what the Silver Coast has to offer or after simply lying all day in a beautiful beach is, definitely, delighting yourself with a great Portuguese meal. Besides the fantastic flavours and great quality produce, you will, most of the time, be presented with generous portions of delicious food. You may be overwhelmed with the extensive number and variety of restaurants in the West Coast, that is why we have created a selection of the best of the best in the area, our personal favourites, so you do not miss out on some of the most outstanding places to eat in the Silver Coast.

Click here to check out our recommendations of where to eat in the West Coast:

Dining Out - Where To Go?

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Travel Guides

We have had the exclusive privilege to have an American published author, Colleen Mariotti, write about the on-the-road experiences of her and her family throughout the central region of Portugal. You will have access to loads of valuable information, such as, where to eat, where to stay, where to shop, etc. in this lovely area of Portugal but most importantly you will have a first-hand perspective of a very well experienced tourist and adventuress.                                                                                         

Click here to access Colleen Mariotti's Travel Guides: 

Travel Guides by the Mariotti's

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