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There are huge stretches of magnificent beaches the length of Portugal; you will have no shortage of beautiful beaches to choose from during your stay. That said, please be aware that there are very powerful waves and currents along the Atlantic coast so it is best to be careful when choosing a beach to spend your day. The beach around Sao Martinho is very safe as the waters are sheltered and calm, the same is true of the beaches around the  Óbidos Lagoon that is located 15-minutes drive south of São Martinho. These are beautiful beaches and they offer safe-bathing areas.

Between Sao Martinho and Nazaré there is a stretch of beach called   Salgado beach. There are very powerful and dangerous currents in the waters along this stretch of beach so we recommend that you avoid this beach all together.


When going into the waters along the coast of Portugal be aware of the coloured flag system that indicates how safe the waters are for bathing:

*A green flag indicates that it is safe to swim in the waters

* A yellow flag indicates that bathers should be cautious. 

* A red flag indicates that swimming is forbidden

* A blue and white flag indicates that the beach is temporarily without a lifeguard