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Host Referral Program


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Refer Homeowners and earn € 250 for each new listing!


Join Our Home Owner Referral Program Today.

If you or somebody that you know has a home that they believe would make an excellent Rental Retreat, refer them to us and we will reward you with € 250. Following  the first succesful booking for the property we will be delighted to make the payment to your nominated account. For details about the service that we offer, please see this link: Our services


Program Overview and Terms -  The Rental Retreats Host Referral Program ("Program") extends an opportunity to a selection of members to generate income (as outlined in the Payment section below) through referrals of new hosts to Rental Retreats. Hosts are owners of holiday homes that go on to use our services to generate succesful bookings. A booking is deemed "Completed" when it has been accepted by the Referred Host, paid for by the Guest, and remains unaffected by cancellation from either party before or after the scheduled check-in date. 

Referral Responsibilities -  It is imperative not to portray yourself as an employee, intermediary, or agent authorised to represent Rental Retreats. Materials, including but not limited to business cards, websites, or email addresses, bearing Company branding or implying any affiliation or agency relationship between you and Rental Retreats are strictly prohibited. However, it is essential to disclose that you are advocating for Hosts to use the services of Rental Retreats. You pledge to utilise referral methods and techniques that are ethical, legal, and respectful of individuals' preferences. You should only reach out to individuals who have provided explicit consent to be contacted and avoid soliciting potential hosts in areas where short-term rentals are prohibited by law. Your approach should prioritise privacy, honesty, transparency, and compliance with applicable laws. 

Payment Terms -  For participants based outside of the EU, payouts will be provided in the local currency equivalent. The local currency equivalent is calculated using an exchange rate sourced from reputable third parties. To qualify for payouts, the Referred Host must accept a booking with a minimum value (excluding cleaning fees and taxes) of 250 euros (or equivalent). Payouts will be processed within 30 days of each qualifying event. All Referred Hosts must be new, first-time Hosts. No payments will be made for listings created by current or former Rental Retreats Hosts. Rental Retreats reserves the right to determine eligibility for payouts and may take necessary action, including denial of payout or in cases of suspected fraud, tampering, or violations of these Terms.

Tax Obligations -  You acknowledge sole responsibility for determining your tax reporting requirements and obligations regarding applicable Taxes. You are accountable for collecting and remitting any Taxes included or received as per relevant regulations. 

Representations and Indemnity -  You affirm that you possess all necessary consents and permissions from any hosts to participate in the Program and undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You agree to indemnify Rental Retreats against any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses or costs arising from negligent or intentional misconduct in Program participation. 

Termination and Liability -  Rental Retreats reserves the right to terminate your Program participation at its discretion, with or without cause. The rights and obligations outlined in these Terms will persist even after termination. Rental Retreats disclaims liability for any incidental, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages arising from this Agreement, with the Company's aggregate liability limited to the total payments made to you under this Agreement.

Program Modifications -  Rental Retreats retains the sole discretion to modify the Program, with updates communicated via this page.