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Rental Retreats can help you to create an income from your home

We specialise in managing bookings and marketing homes for holidaymakers. If you have a home that you would consider offering to holidaymakers we can help you every step of the way. We have a very personal and pro-active approach to the relationship that we have with our owners and with our guests. This relationship coupled with our strong digital media (web skills) ensures your property the highest possible visibility online and ultimately the best possible occupancy and revenue from your investment. We charge a small commission of 20% on any booking and you can leave us at any time. We don't tell you when you can or cannot use your property.


We will . . .

Create professional adverts for your property on the key websites in the industry.

Having worked in industry for many years we know which sites to use to create the best exposure and success when renting holiday homes. Along with our own site, we advertise our properties on the major sites that holiday makers use when searching for somewhere to stay. The sites include VRBO, AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Holiday Lettings and


Take stunning photos of your property to capture the attention of holidaymakers.

It's so important to grab the attention of people when they are searching through listings. We will help you do just that with a fantastic array of interior and exterior shots. Our pictures stand out and have guests wanting to see more. 


Give you expert advice to help you generate the most income possible from your property.

With excellent knowledge of the holiday rentals industry, we are in the perfect position to advise you how to generate the most income possible from your holiday home. We like to see our properties occupied and providing an income throughout the year and we focus our efforts on achieving just that.


Handle all communications with guests to give them the best possible experience.

Excellent communication is the key to securing bookings. When holidaymakers are searching for their next holiday home, we know that they are eager to make a reservation. With fast, effective and friendly communication we're able to ensure that the holidaymakers choose our properties. Our team have intimate knowledge of our holiday homes so we're always able to give people the information that they need fast and stop them from looking elsewhere.

We provide our holidaymakers with full and comprehensive information to ensure that everything goes as well as possible for their stay. With clear key contact information, maps, arrival instructions, property instructions and suggestions for places to visit, our guests arrive for their stay confident that they will be able to make the most of their precious time on holiday.


Receive all payments from guests and pass funds on to owners.

We handle all of the payments from our guests and ensure that our owners receive their funds as soon as possible. The moment that we receive payments varies according to the platform on which we receive a booking, however we ensure that our owners receive their payment with as little delay as possible.


Handle damages deposits from guests and give peace of mind to owners.

One of the key concerns for owners of holiday homes is the risk of damage to their property. Fortunately, our experience has taught us that there are very few instances of damage to holiday homes. However, for added peace of mind we take damages deposits from guests. The damages deposits can be of any value that our owners like however we encourage owners not to be excessive with the deposits as we don't want the deposits to discourage guests from booking our properties. Provided we're not given any reason to withhold a deposit we return the deposits to guests shortly after their stay. Typically 3 days after departure.


Work directly with your property manager to provide a complete rental service.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have with the property managers that we work with. For our guests to have a perfect holiday, our collaboration with property managers is essential. We want the property managers to succeed so we ensure that they always have easy access to all the details that they need regarding our guests. This includes phone numbers, arrival times and useful information such as whether infants are in the group. In the unusual situation that there are any problems with our bookings, the property managers can contact us at any time and between us we're sure to find the best solutions leaving peace of mind for our owners.


Maintain all financial information to simplify invoicing and tax returns.

Our owners always have real-time access to all of the financial details of their bookings (if they wish to). We keep an online spreadsheet that records all of the information about our bookings. These details include the names, dates, total costs, our commission, the funds due to owners and the dates when we have made owner payments. With all of this information it's easy for our owners to keep track of their rental income and prepare their own invoices and tax returns.


Assist with the legal requirements involved with renting a holiday home.

The business of renting a holiday home has become more and more regulated over recent years. Many of the regulations are necessary and good practise; it's essential that guests are safe in their rental property. Providing equipment such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets seem like common sense safety measures for guests but also no owner would want fire damage to their property. Other regulations may not seem like common sense though holiday home owners need to comply with them in order to avoid falling foul of the law being issued with fines.

Navigating the various legal regulations to ensure compliance can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating. We help our owners as much as possible with advice and support in meeting local requirements.     


Why choose us?

Rental Retreats have been helping people from all around the world to have unforgettable holidays for over 10 years. We have properties on our books from all over the world, however we have become a key agency in Portugal's Silver Coast region. We specialise in providing quality holiday accommodation and we have a portfolio of guests that come back to us year after year to help them find their next holiday home.

We have an enthusiastic and dynamic team. We speak four languages (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish). Our guests feel confident that they can communicate easily and effectively with us.

You can relax! You don't need to worry about a thing. From advertising your property to finding guests, managing your bookings, your payments and your calendars we handle everything. You can relax and decide what you would like to do with the additional income.

There are no upfront costs! You don't need to pay a thing for us to create your marketing package and begin advertising your property on all the major sites for the industry. We simply charge a fixed commission of 20% on all bookings that we find. If we don't find you any bookings, you don't pay a penny.  

You're in charge! When working with owners, our policy is that the owner is always in charge of decisions regarding rates and how the property is marketed. However, we do make recommendations and we propose the rates and the approach that we feel will give the property the best chance of generating the most income it can achieve.

Our holiday makers and our owners love the service that we provide!

We consistently receive positive feedback from our guests. Across our entire portfolio of properties we have an average of 4.5 stars for our reviews posted on Trip Advisor. For feedback from our owners, see this link: /what-our-owners-say/


Get in touch!

If you have a property that you think would work well as a holiday home, get in touch! We would love to visit your property and have a chat about how we could help you generate an income from it. We'd be delighted to share our insights and help in any way we can to make a success of your investment. Our contact details are:

Phone: +351 911 817 748 or   WhatsApp  (English / French) 

Phone: +351 917 144 815 or   WhatsApp  (English / French) 

Phone: +351 966 045 801 or   WhatsApp  (English, Portuguese / Spanish)

Phone: +44 7905 337 735 or   WhatsApp  (English / French)

Phone: +44 7986 827 409 or   WhatsApp  (English / French)



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