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In a perfect world, insurance would not be necessary. Our world is nearly perfect so from time to time things can and do go wrong. When booking self-catering accommodation, it is always best to take out insurance to cover you against any losses that may occur. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise (for example flight cancellations and sickness) and you may not be able to make your stay. Equally, you may be responsible for some accidental damage in the property that you booked and the owner may require compensation.

Rental Retreats do not provide insurance ourselves but we would always recommend that our guests take out policies to cover them against any losses associated with their stay. Fortunately, there are specialist insurance providers to cover you in these circumstances. One provider that we can recommend is ADAR as they offer a comprehensive package to protect travelers staying in holiday homes.

There are of course many other insurance providers that will offer similar policies and we would recommend that our guests research other options too, in order to be sure that they are getting all the cover that they need at the right price.


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