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Travel Guides


by the Mariottis


The Mariottis are an American family who sold all of their belongings and hit the road in 2013. With three young children, they have traveled to 26 countries and counting. When they drove the entire Portuguese Coast as a part of their 50,000 kilometer road trip through Europe, they knew they wanted to spend more time exploring this remarkable country. After traveling through Polynesia, Oceania, and Asia, they returned in 2016 and made the Silver Coast their temporary home. Although Colleen is a published author and Ron is a published photographer, their real journey has been in becoming intentionally adventurous parents, students, and observers of the world. To join the global following and embrace the adventure, visit, for inspirational stories designed to help you live more deliberately every day. The Mariotti's are writing about their own very real experiences in Portugal, and we're really happy to share these articles with you.

We hope this helps you make decisions on where to go and how to live more "deliberately" the wise Mariotti's have.   

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