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Dining out - Costa de Prata


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The majority of the restaurants you'll come across whilst your stay, will be traditional Portuguese restaurants specialising in Seafood. Portugal has a superb tradition for fresh fish and shellfish and typically the dishes are reasonably simple making the fresh seafood the feature of the meal. The majority of the traditional restaurants will serve dishes known as Caldeiradas. These dishes vary considerably depending on the restaurant but they are usually delicious - they tend include a variety of seafood cooked with onions and tomatoes to make an extremely tasty casserole. Another traditional dish to look out for is pork with clams - Carne de Porco à Alentejana. At lunchtime, a number of restaurants serve the Prato do dia, this is the 'dish of the day' but it may be up to three courses. These dishes are typically very good value and well worth trying.

Of particular note are the following restaurants:




Taverna 8 ó 80

Wine bar Restaurant / Tapas

This is a charming wine bar and restaurant, with the best view in the area. The restaurant overlooks the beautiful Nazaré beach, and offers the most spectacular sunset views. You will be surprised and delighted by the knowledge and attentiveness of the staff, who will be totally at your service to provide you a wonderful experience. If you love Gin, this is the perfect destination, they have 80 varieties! They also have over 400 bottles of wine to choose from!

From exquisite dishes to hamburgers and tapas. Everything is excellent quality and beautifully prepared.


8 to 80   8 To 80 1   Taberna 1   8 To 80 0


Outdoor seating, cosy, casual

Price range: (1 low - 5 high)


8 To 80 Map  8 To 80 Map 2 

Address: Avenida Manuel Remígio, Edifício Atlântico, Nº 8, 2450 Nazaré

Phone number: 262 560 490


For opening hours and more information about Taverna 8 Ó 80, please visit:

Taverna 8 Ó 80 on Facebook



Aki Del Mar

Seafood Resataurant

This is definitely the best seafood restaurant in the area. Ideally located, you can enjoy lovely seafood dishes while admiring the beautiful beach of Nazaré. Everything is super fresh and of the finest quality. The service is quick and efficient though because of its popularity, you might need to wait a while before you start. You can be sure that it will be worth the wait! Truly a Seafood paradise!


Aki Del Mar 1  Aki Del Mar 0  Aki Del Mar 3  Aki Del Mar 2


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 4 (1 low - 5 high)


Aki Del Mar Map 1  Aki Del Mar Map 2

Address: Avenida Manuel Remígio, Nº 129, 2450-172 Nazaré

Phone number: 262 551 028


For opening hours and more information about Aki Del Mar, please visit:

Aki Del Mar on Facebook



O Veleiro

Mediterranean/ Portuguese Restaurant / Grill

If you're looking to taste some delicious Portuguese traditional food, then you have to try O Veleiro. With more than 25 years of experience, here you will find the freshest ingredients and the best grilled fish in town. Everything is carefully prepared and served in large portions, giving you more than enough to delight yourself. Being a small restaurant and so well known by its lovely food, you might need to wait a while before getting a table (especially in the high season) and so, it is recommended to make a reservation.


O Veleiro 1   O Veleiro 0  O Veleiro 2   O Veleiro 3


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


O Veleiro Map 1   O Veleiro Map 2  

Address: Rua António Carvalho Laranjo 30, 2450-106 Nazaré

Phone number: 262 553 414


For opening hours and more information about O Veleiro, please visit:

O Veleiro on Facebook



O Alfaiate

Mediterranean Restaurant

In this lovely restaurant, Modern & Vintage perfectly merge to offer you the best of both worlds. From the décor to the flavours and presentation, everything has been thoroughly considered. The service is very attentive and professional. You will find a friendly, romantic and clean environment. Certainly, a great option when visiting the beautiful, traditional town of Nazaré.  Look out for lunchtime offers!


O Alfaiate 2  O Alfaiate 1   O Alfaiate 6  O Alfaiate 4


Cosy, Casual, Vegeterian options

Price range: 4 (1 low - 5 high)


O Alfaiate Map 1   O Alfaiate Map 2

Address: Rua Lance da Moiteira, Ed. Solmar, 2450-106 Nazaré 

Phone number: 262 180 380


For opening hours and more information about O Alfaiate, please visit:

O Alfaiate on Facebook



Hamburgueria Mooo

Hamburger restaurant

Delicious handmade burgers with amusing names and creative flavour combinations. The chips and buns are handmade and they even have gluten free bun options and some delicious vegetarian choices. All ingredients used are fresh and of the highest quality; the service is great and very friendly. Be sure to leave some space for dessert, they are surprisingly divine.


Mooo 0  Mooo 1  Mooo 2  Mooo 4


Cosy, Casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Mooo Map 1  Mooo Map 2

Address: Rua Dr Ruy Rosa 8, 2450-209 Nazaré

Phone number: 262 070 537


For opening hours and more information about Hamburgueria Mooo, please visit:

Hamburgueria Mooo on Facebook




Japanese Restaurant/ All you can eat

If you enjoy Asian food, then look no more, Sushicome is what you are looking for! With more than 15 restaurants throughout Portugal, they are known for their large and creative variety of Sushi and Sashimi, served with amazing skill, the only problem you will have here is what to eat first! This restaurant offers Eat as much as you like Sushi (and more) for very affordable prices, all served at the table. A great option for lunch or dinner.

The fresh ingredients, the friendly staff and beautiful view over the beach are some of the great benefits of this highly recommended restaurant.


Sushicome 4  Sushicome 5  Sushicome 0  Sushicome 3


Cosy, Casual, All you can eat

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Sushicome Map 1Sushicome Map 2 

Address: Avenida Manuel Remígio 44, 2450-106 Nazaré 

Phone number: 262 075 147


For opening hours and more information about Sushicome, please visit:

Sushicome on Facebook

Sushicome Website






Sentidos by Your Hotel & Spa

Mediterranean Restaurant

Sentidos restaurant is located on the 1st floor of Your Hotel & Spa, in Alcobaça, a centenary building created by the Cister religious order. The hotel has been renovated and it provides spa services and an incredible restaurant. With an inviting and luxurious atmosphere, you will be amazed with the beautiful cuisine served, cooked with the freshest ingredients and paired with a very professional and friendly service. If you have the time, it is well worth a visit around the property, perfectly located in a valley, the surroundings are amazing and the perfect setting for an afternoon walk under the Portuguese sunshine. We would recommend combining a visit to this restaurant with a visit to the spa or swimming pool for a truly relaxing day.


Sentidos 6  Sentidos 0  Sentidos 5  Sentidos 4


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Sentidos Map 1  Sentidos Map 2

Address: Rua Manuel Rodrigues, Serrazina, S/N, Alcobaça 

Phone number: 262 505 370


For opening hours and more information about Sentidos, please visit:

Your Hotel & Spa on Facebook

Your Hotel & Spa Website



O Cabeço

Portuguese Restaurant

This restaurant is the perfect definition of hidden gem. The owners created this place because they loved to invite their friends over and cook inventive and delicious food. It has been a success since then and if you wish to taste their heavenly food, you better make a reservation, as they are always full. Inside the atmosphere is friendly, comfortable, and charming. The staff provide an excellent service, always attentive to the detail. The food is exquisite with top quality ingredients, typical Portuguese flavours with a brilliant twist of the chef. Outside, the setting is perfect, located on top of a hill, overlooking the charming town of Alcobaça, you will be delighted by the fabulous green scenery and the farm animals.


O Cabeco 3  O Cabeco 1  O Cabeco 2  O Cabeco 0


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


O Cabeco Map 1  O Cabeco Map 2

Address: Rua Dona Elvina Machado 65, 2460-521 Maiorga

Phone number: 914 500 202


For opening hours and more information about O Cabeço, please visit:

O Cabeço on Facebook

O Cabeço Website


António Padeiro

Portuguese Restaurant

Cooking traditional Portuguese food since 1938, this charming restaurant located in the historical area and heart of the town of Alcobaça, is a must stop. The food is cooked and prepared with excellence, from the starters platter to the desserts, everything is delicious and authentic and they have a great wine selection. Service is friendly and gracious and the staff speak English fluently. You will be blown away with the quality and flavours of the food served and you will be sure to be back again soon, as this is the best of the best, this captivating town has to offer.


Antonio Padeiro 0  Antonio Padeiro 1  Antonio Padeiro 2  Antonio Padeiro 6  Antonio Padeiro 7


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Antonio Padeiro Map 1   Antonio Padeiro Map 2

Address: Rua Dr Maur Cocheril 27, 2460 Alcobaça

Phone number: 262 582 295


For opening hours and more information about António Padeiro, please visit:

António Padeiro on Facebook






Mediterranean Restaurant

With almost 40 years of experience in the area, this restaurant is an excellent choice. The restaurant offers a seasonal menu including extremely fresh produce used in their divinely prepared dishes and of course, it benefits from a fantastic location offering their clients a beautiful and privileged view of one of the most stunning sunsets of the west coast!

At lunch, the restaurant serve the dish of the day, which is in no way inferior to any of the other dishes you might find on their menu. Equally surprising and delicious, you will have a selection of soup, main course, dessert and coffee for a discounted price, so take note for a luxury experience at lunchtime on a day out.


Granada 1  Granada 2  Granada 0  Granada 3  Granada 5


Cosy, casual, great cocktails

Price range: 4 (1 low - 5 high)


Granada Map 1  Granada Map 2

Address: Avenida Marginal, Ed. Granada, 2460-096 São Martinho do Porto  

Phone number: 262 989 695


For opening hours and more information about Granada, please visit:

Granada on Facebook



Taberna Marginal

Wine bar Restaurant / Tapas

This urban chic, gastronomic wine bar will win you over with its amazing and creative fusion of flavours, served in small portions to share with families and friends in a charming and comfortable contemporary tavern concept. Alongside the delicious dishes, you have a large array of wines and the service is attentive and top quality. Being on the seafront is a major benefit, offering a privileged view of the beautiful São Martinho bay.


Taberna Marginal 2  Taberna Marginal 1  Taberna Marginal 3  Taberna Marginal 4


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 4 (1 low - 5 high)


Taberna Marginal Map 1  Taberna Marginal Map 2

Address: Avenida Marginal 26J, 2460-096 São Martinho do Porto

Phone number: 937 717 319


For opening hours and more information about Taberna Marginal, please visit: 

Taberna Marginal on Facebook




Hamburgueria Novo Sabor

Hamburger Restaurant

The concept "more than just a burger" is what you will find in this lovely restaurant. With many creative and original options and served with homemade fries, everything on the menu is prepared with the best ingredients, making some of the most delicious burgers in the area with very reasonable prices! Service is fast, impeccable and very friendly and the atmosphere is nice and cosy, highly recommended for a top quality quick meal.


Novosabor 6  Novosabor 7  Novosabor 8  Novo Sabor 5  Novosabor 3


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Novosabor Map 1  Novosabor Map 2

Address: Rua Vasco da Gama 4, 2460-680 São Martinho do Porto

Phone number: 262 990 462


For opening hours and more information about Hamburgueria Novo Sabor, please visit:

Hamburgueria Novo Sabor on Facebook




Porrinhas dos Leitões

Portuguese Restaurant/ Grill

If you are a fan of suckling pig, this is the place to go. They serve the best you can eat in the west coast. All dishes are very well prepared, tastefully cooked, the portions are very generous and the wine selection is extensive. The environment is friendly and cosy, nice decoration and the staff are attentive to every detail. Everything in this restaurant is top quality in a successful effort to offer their visitors a delightful and unforgettable experience. Look out for the Lagartos (neck fillet of Pork) and the wild boar too; they're fabulous dishes. This restaurant is a great choice for meat lovers.


Porrinhas Dos Leitoes 1  Porrinhas Dos Leitoes 2  Porrinhas Dos Leitoes 3  Porrinhas Dos Leitoes 7  Porrinhas Dos Leitoes 6


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Porrinhas Dos Leitoes Map 1  Porrinhas Dos Leitoes Map 2

Address: Estrada Principal, Sítio das Areias 4, Salir do Porto

Phone number: 262 989 996


For opening hours and more information about Porrinhas dos Leitões, please visit:

Porrinhas Dos Leitões on Facebook





Solar dos Amigos

Mediterranean Restaurant / Grill

Solar dos Amigos opened for the first time 37 years ago, in 1976. It was founded by Mr. Manuel Henriques, father of the current head of the restaurant, Maria Luisa Henriques. Initially it started as a small cellar where snacks and wine were served to the sound of nice Portuguese Fado music. Over the years, the restaurant has grown exponentially and has conquered a vast clientele through their kindness, hospitality and of course, delicious food! It's welcoming environment and its rustic décor will make you feel at home in an amazing and unforgettable experience of Portuguese flavours. Look out for the mixed grilled meat for 2 people, it's huge and will comfortably feed 3 or maybe even 4. This is a really hard restaurant to beat for meat lovers.


Solar Dos Amigos 0  Solar Dos Amigos 2  Solar Dos Amigos 3  Solar Dos Amigos 4


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Solar Dos Amigos Map 1  Solar Dos Amigos Map 2

Address: Rua Principal 49, 2500-633 Caldas da Rainha

Phone number: 262 877 135


For opening hours and more information about Solar dos Amigos, please visit:

Solar Dos Amigos on Facebook





Mediterranean Restaurant

This lovely restaurant will suit all tastes, as it serves a large range of snacks and a rich variety of dishes to share with families and friends. The food is delicious with superb quality ingredients, well-presented, inventive and original recipes. Many veggie & vegan options. From breakfasts to dinners, this discreet (from the street), restaurant will surprise you with its festival of flavours and cosy atmosphere.


Maratona 2  Maratona 0  Maratona 1  Maratona 3


Late -night food, breakfast, cocktails

Price range: 3 (1 low - 5 high)


Maratona Map 1  Maratona Map 2

Address: Praça 25 de Abril 15, 2500-110 Caldas da Rainha  

Phone number: 262 841 483


For opening hours and more information about Maratona, please visit:

Maratona on Facebook




Sabores D'Itália

Italian Restaurant

If you are visiting the amazing town of Caldas da Rainha, this place is definitely worth a stop, in fact it is one of the best Italian restaurants on the Silver Coast.

Recently, tastefully renovated, this restaurant offers the best of Italian flavours with the freshest ingredients. Every dish served is beautiful, elegant and delicious. The large variety of desserts are fantastic and the bread is homemade and extremely fresh! All this served by an attentive and friendly staff. Look out for lunch offers during the week!


Sabores Ditalia 2  Sabores Ditalia 0  Sabores Ditalia 4  Sabores Ditalia 3


Cosy, fine dining, Vegetarian options

Price range: 4 (1 low - 5 high)


Sabores Ditalia Map 1  Sabores Ditalia Map 2

Address: Praça 5 de Outubro 40, 2500 Caldas da Rainha  

Phone number: 262 845 600


For opening hours and more information about Sabores D'Itália, please visit:

Sabores D'Itália on Facebook

Sabores D'Itália Website




Taberna do Manelvina

Portuguese Restaurant/ Grill

This is a great place for meat lovers, with a fantastic selection of juicy meats and of different cuts. You can choose from the menu or just allow them to surprise you with dish after dish. They have a wide range of local and international wines, the decoration is bullfight themed and the service is fast, helpful and friendly.

Grill specialists with a long history in the area and known for treating their clients as family, this is a place you will never forget and dream to go back again.


Taberna Do Manelvina 0  Taberna Do Manelvina 1  Taberna Do Manelvina 2  Taberna Do Manelvina 3


Cosy, casual, child-friendly

Price range: 2 (1 low - 5 high)


Taberna Do Manelvina Map 1  Taberna Do Manelvina Map 2

Address: Rua Principal 21, 2500-632 Salir de Matos

Phone number: 917 221 062


For opening hours and more information about Taberna do Manelvina, please visit:

Taberna do Manelvina on Facebook

Taberna do Manelvina Website