To Eat in Nazaré

Nazaré and the clifftop town of Sítio  each offer something unique to holiday-makers. One thing that unites many of the diverse eateries in this area is a heightened respect for delectable gifts from the sea. For sweeping views of Praia do Norte, or a calm panoramic over Nazaré, Sítio is the place to dine outdoors. Many restaurants are oriented toward the ocean and have ceiling to floor windows in case the weather isn't cooperating. If you are in the mood for a family run establishment head down the hill to the beachfront in Nazaré and find a table at Taverna do 8 Ó 80. Their knowledge of traditional preparations with a commitment to modern culinary advancements makes for a memorable evening. If fado music with organic ingredients you can see being prepared in an open kitchen is more your style, try Restaurant - "Xapas." They don't even have a menu because they cook what is wild and fresh that very day! It will be easy to please your palette in this charming village. The food is one of the many expressions of the remarkable sense of balance in this tucked away Portuguese slice of paradise.

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