To Do In Nazaré

Nazaré is no longer a hidden gem but it hasn't lost what makes it special even with the heightened tourism in recent years. It is an ideal spot for a vacation and strategically placed to give great access to many of the highlights worth exploring in the region. There are a few "must-do's" whether you have a day or a week in Nazare.

At least one sunset on the beach in Nazaré will be something you won't soon forget. The sun sinks into the Atlantic, the light bounces off the cliffs, and the golden sand seems to melt to before your eyes. It is a unique and powerful place to be and it explains so much about the magnetism of the ocean in this coastal village. If you happen to travel in the winter months, the big waves come to Nazaré and so do many of the big names in surfing. It is an epic sight to see and keeps this town hopping all year!

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A visit to the Chapel of Memory and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazare in Sítio will give you great insight in the history and legends of this area. More importantly, if you sit a while you will feel the power of these churches and how central they are to the local pace in Nazaré. For generations, these sanctuaries have been places where women pray for their husband's safe return from sea.  If you are lucky, you may see the ladies coming out of church wearing their traditional "7 skirts."   

While there are many other things to see and do in Nazaré, if you run from one site to the next, you will miss the very heart of this village. Stop, look, listen, and you will find a story worth telling for years to come.

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